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Goldwell SilkLift

Goldwell SilkLift Lightening System delivers high performance lightening and conditioning at the same time during the lightening process- for lightening without compromise! The Silklift high performance lightening system includes an innovative conditioning technology, making Silklift so gentle and conditioning, hair maintains its smoothness and shine.

SilkLift from Goldwell is the safest most effective way to lighten hair of any shade. The Goldwell SilkLift lightening system lightens up to 7 levels while it conditions, to deliver the most luminous shades of hair. No matter what hair type your client has, SilkLift is equal to the task. Stylists love the creamy consistency, while clients love the deep conditioning that SilkLift adds, thanks to the intensive conditioning serum. SilkLift can tackle even the deeper shades and color resistant hair up to 5 levels, using Goldwell’s patented ammonia-free technology. The innovative targeted conditioning of the SilkLift System features the special SilkProtein Complex and Shield Technology for high performance lightening in the shortest time possible.

Lightening even the deepest shades gently is possible, thanks to Goldwell SilkLift hair lightening system. With the Silklift line, Goldwell has mastered the art of lightening even color resistant hair, while delivering targeted conditioning thanks to a patented SilkProtein Complex and a special Shield Technology.

SilkLift is strong, effective and fast, delivering up to seven levels of light (depending on hair color) safely, and in the shortest time that the science of hair color allows. SilkLift protects the structure of the hair like no other lightener, thanks to Goldwell’s innovative formula that makes it possible to lighten even hair that’s been previously treated. The ultra easy to use formula features a creamy consistency that salon specialists and clients adore, because of its minimal mess profile.

Goldwell SilkLift is versatile, for use on scalp or off scalp. SilkLift comes in two high performance lightening levels: Strong, for lifting up to seven levels with darker bases and previously colored hair, and Gentle, for lifting up to 5 levels, ammonia free.

Features & Benefits • Strong and fast lifting of up to 7 levels. • Conditioning and structural balancing during the lightening process due to theShieldTechnology and the SilkproteinComplex. • Intensive Conditioning Serum adds additional care for stressed, fine and previouslycolor-treated/lightened hair, as well as create premuim services and higher businesspotential with the new service option. • Ultra creamy consistency for a smooth working mass, with significantly less swellingthan other lighteners. • Easy to use precise dosage and clean dispensing. • Pleasant Fragrance • Versatile ideal for on and off-scalp applications.


• 2 High Performance Lighteners 500g

- Strong lifting of up to 7 levels, for natural, color-treated darker bases and

more resistant hair types.

- Gentle lifting of up to 5 levels, ammonia-free, for lighter bases and less resistant

hair types.

• 3 Conditioning Cream Developers (10, (3%), 20 (6%) and 30 (9%) Volume), 750mL

• Intensive Conditioning Serum (Box of 20 X 2mL Tubes)


SilkLift System Technology

For targeted conditioning during the lightening process – exactly where it is needed.

SilkproteinComplex – is integrated into the Conditioning Cream Developers and the Intensive Conditioning Serum,

to provide hair with targeted conditioning and structural balancing inside the hair while smoothing the cuticle

structure outside the hair during the lightening process.

ShieldTechnology – is integrated into the High Performance Lighteners, and when mixed with the Conditioning Cream

Developer, it creates a protective shield around the SilkproteinComplex, protecting the conditioning agents during oxidation.

The result: high performance lightening and shiny, smooth hair.

*Conditions hair during the lightening process to reduce damage.