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Surface Curls

Those luscious curls are the talk of the town, and now they’re easier than ever to maintain. From tight curls to a gentle wave, Surface Curls hair care is engineered to preserve and support long lasting style between treatments. For natural curls or chemically-treated hair, Surface Curls is for you.

Your hair and scalp are like anything else: you get what you put into them. With Surface Curls products, such as the shampoo and conditioner for curls, you’ll get the gentle yet effective power of nature’s botanicals to cleanse, hydrate, soften and add that luxurious shimmer to your curly hair. For long lasting curls, these products are the best. Styling products like the smoothing cream, mousses and sprays for curls let you finish your curls with the luxury they deserve.

Just Look At These Ingredients. It’s no wonder that Surface is one of the leading names in fashion and beauty. With ingredients like Amaranth, Babassu Oil and Cocoa oil, all organically derived, Surface has no equal. The natural ingredients penetrate your hair, infusing it with natural protein, oils, and fatty acids, to support, nurture, and heal curled hair of any type – dry, frizzy, brittle, oily – you name it.

Surface Curls Shampoo It all starts here. For daily use, for gentle cleaning, your curls never had it so good. The rich, luxurious lather, the gorgeous natural scent, the healing properties – this shampoo for curls has it all, including hydration and protein.

Surface Curls Conditioner Curl support calls for a curls conditioner. From the Cocoa Butter that delivers Vitamin K, to the fatty acids and Omega 3 and 6, Surface Curls Conditioner offers unparalleled moisture, hydration, and shine, while detangling too. Use it daily; the power of this conditioner for curled hair of all types is that it protects your hair from curl loss when you use a dryer.

Surface Curls Smoothing Cream is your go-to styling product for smooth, shiny, moist control for your curls and waves. It hydrates while it controls, smoothes while it nourishes. Because Surface Curls Smoothing Cream is loaded with healthy nutrients, your hair will thank you by looking gorgeous, day after day. Blow dry smooth, moisturize, and add shine with this revolutionary moisturizing cream.

Surface Curls Whip Mousse Nothing offers invisible, flawless hair control like a mousse; Surface Curls mousse enhances your curls while delivering superb style every time you use it. Your hair dryer is your friend; Curls Mousse is packed with nutrients that penetrate your hair when heat-activated, reducing frizz and holding in moisture. For that natural hold, and naturally looking curls that last.

Surface Curls Finishing Spray takes Thermal Styling to the max, with a humidity resistant, flex hold finishing spray that adds shine, for luxurious, shimmering curls and waves. The defining fibers are naturally derived and give your curls that natural, lilting shape you adore. For control that’s firm yet flexible, this is the one. Your blow dryer and this finishing spray help you achieve the natural looking curls you’ve always wanted. And it’s humidity resistant, for use on wet or dry hair.

Surface Curls Firm Styling Mousse For total control that’s transparent, Surface offers this firm styling mousse for curls of all types, tight, large, wavy, and everything in between. With natural fibers that define while they hold, this healthy styling mousse for curls is an effective, easy to use hair control accessory. It’s just one of the many reasons that Surface Curls hair care has taken the fashion and beauty industry by storm.