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Trissola True Keratin Solution 16.9 Oz


Trissola True Keratin Solution 16.9 Oz

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Trissola True Keratin Solution.
- Keratin Smoothing Treatment.
- Exceptional Results Quick and Easy.
- Safe application method.
- Restructures damaged hair. 
- Leave hair smooth and frizz-free for up to 6 months. 
- Infuses hair with vitamins and antioxidants.
- Improves hair's overall health.
- No waiting period - you can wash your hair the same day. 
For professional use only.
You MUST BE a licensed professional to purchase this product.
We require a copy of your professional license in order to process the order.






Trissola True Keratin Treatment is a heat activated restructuring treatment that leaves hair radiantly smooth and frizz-free for up to 6 months.
Loaded with exotic ingredients that will infuse hair with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to strengthen, seal the cuticle, improve integrtity and create brilliant shine. Smooth, straight, manageable, healthy, frizz free hair for up to 6 months!
Wash and style the same day-no waiting!
Can be used on all hair types. 
Will leave hair smooth, frizz-free and incredibly shiny for up to 6 months depending on porosity, texture and how often your client washes her hair. 
This treatment can be reapplied hair is becoming unmanageable or frizzy. 
The smoothing effect is provided through a comprehensive three-step process.
Trissola True Prep Shampoo opens the hair shaft cuticles so that the Trissola True Keratin Solution will be effective.
Trissola True pH Balancing Mask finally equilibrates the hair’s pH value, keeping hair smooth and reconstructed longer.
Proper ventilation is always important during any chemical procedure.
Please follow the step-by-step instructions and technique accordingly.
DIRECTIONS: After cleansing the hair with Trissola Step 1 preparation shampoo, blow dry the hair to about 70%. Separate the hair into 6 panels and begin applying the Keratin Solution to the bottom section around the nape area. Start drying 2 panels at a time using cold air and repeat this process on the remaining panels. Re-section the hair into workable panels, and flat iron thin sections 6-10 times each from base to mid shaft, then 3-6 passes from mid shaft to ends. After flat ironing, rinse well and proceed to Step 3, the pH Balancing Mask.
For professional use only.  


Additional Information

short name Keratin treatment
Brands Trissola


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Questions & Answers About Trissola True Keratin Solution 16.9 Oz

I received the treatment about a couple of days ago and my hair is smooth and shiny. However my question is regarding the condition of my hair once the treatment wears off. For instance, it is my understanding that keratin treatments coat the hair shaft and thus surround the outside of the hair, however, when the treatment wears off, can your hair be left damaged and brittle due to not being able to absorb any moisture since it is coated. I ask because I have read numerous reviews about how these treatments can cause your hair to become dry in the long run since it is unable to ''breath'' for several months? Lastly, is it save to color roots/regrowth ( not I do not color my whole hair just my roots so I'm wondering if that is safe )
Hi monika, thank you for contacting us. When treatment wears off your hair should not be left dry unless they were dry and damaged before the treatment. Keratin Treatment is basically a protein that fills in gaps of damaged broken hair making them healthier looking. Keratin will not damage your hair but instead will protect it. It is perfectly safe to color your roots since keratin is not applied there. We recommend to use keratin infused product to prolong the keratin stay.
I had Trissola relaxer applied by a salon last night and now feel sick. They scrubbed my head with the shampoo and saturated my wet hair and scalp with the relaxer and it sat on my head for about 50 minutes and then they washed my head twice with shampoo, scrubbing again, and applied conditioner for 2 minutes. She cut and blow dried my hair and then flat ironed it. It was burning and itching my scalp and I now feel funny. I took a shower as soon as I got home because I felt like I was having an allergic reaction. I'm concerned because I still feel funny. Please advise.
Dear Cathy, Thank you for contacting us. First of all we are not doctors and if you are feeling sick, you should contact you local doctor immediately. If you are experiencing itchy and burning scalp, It sounds like you are having an allergic reaction to the keratin that is used in trissola. Did your hair dresser performed a patch test before using the treatment? It is recommended to do a patch test to see if the client has allergies to the ingredient. Please note: some skin irritation is usual effect and will go away after an hour. You may also experience dizziness due to the chemical fumes from the treatment. if you are having difficulty breathing after an hour of the treatment process, please contact the doctor. Please note: all keratin treatments must be performed in a well ventilated places. Please let us know if you have nay questions.

If you have a questions about this Product, Please do not hesitate to send us an email Here or call us at 1800 336 5250 (Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm EST) and we will try to do our best to answear any questions you might have.


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