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  • 7 Tips for Preventing Hair from Thinning

    Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, from heredity and certain medical conditions to poor nutrition and improper hair care. While you can’t control your genetic makeup, there are things you can do to slow the thinning of your hair and even help stimulate hair growth, build up thicker strands, and improve the overall health of your hair.

    If you’re worried about losing your locks, check out these 7 tips for preventing hair from thinning: Continue reading

  • Step into Summer with These 7 Easy Foot Care Tips

    With summer just around the corner, it’s time to whip out your favorite sandals and hit the beach. But there’s just one problem: your feet have been hibernating all winter. It’s been months since you had a pedicure, and all that time spent shoved into socks, tights and boots has left your toes looking a little bit funky. Continue reading

  • Where Did They Go? Here’s Why The Fashion And Beauty Is Your One Stop Shop For All Of Your Professional Beauty Supply Needs just the past few weeks, the popular online fashion retailer has gone out of business, and the site has closed, haunted by large numbers of negative reviews. Those who need professional beauty supplies at the best prices needn’t be concerned. At we offer the web’s best prices and great shipping deals on all of your fashion and beauty needs and have been doing so for more than 7 years.
    Continue reading







    Warm tones were yesterday. Cool Blonde – that’s what your clients want now. Give your customers clear and light, cool and sexy blonde.


    Take blonde to a new level; create perfect clear blonde results with
    Topchic HiBlondes Control, Topchic Neutralights, SilkLift,
    SilkLift Control, Elumen and Colorance.
    Extend your blonde with new shades and give your clients the blonde they always wanted.


    Be the expert for Cool Blonde. Discover the Goldwell world of lightening and four new services and techniques, designed and presented by Goldwell Global Master Netherlands, Agnes Westerman

    Continue reading

  • 7 Color Wow Products You Need to Try Now

    Colored hair requires specific products to make color last but also keep it clean, healthy and vibrant. Unfortunately, many shampoos, conditioners and styling products are detrimental to colored hair because they contain ingredients that can distort color, leave behind dulling deposits or even stripping hair of its color. That’s why you need to try Color Wow. These products lock in color, keeping your hair vibrant even weeks after your salon appointment. Continue reading

  • Create Gorgeous, Healthy Color with b3 Brazilian Bond Builder

    Traditionally, coloring hair has been associated with drying it out and making it more susceptible to damage and breakage. With b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, those stereotypes are shattered. Brazilian Bond Builder is a one-step color tool that you can use in any color service that helps build bonds, preventing breakage and damage and improving hair’s integrity. It’s a revolutionary way to color that adds no processing time to your color appointments, but makes all the difference when it comes to preserving hair and boosting the life of your color treatments. Continue reading

  • 5 Temporary Hair Color Products to Help You Shake Things Up

    Want to spice up your look without committing to a long-term change? You’re in luck! Fashion and Beauty Store offers several great options for temporary hair design that will give you a break from the mundane. If you’re dying to see what a splash of vibrant blue or red would look like but aren’t ready to commit to permanent color, these 5 temporary hair products are just what you’ve been waiting for: Continue reading

  • Give Hair New Life with the L’oreal Absolut Repair Lipidium Treatment

    Is your hair dry, damaged and brittle? Just like skin, over time hair can start to lose its health and vibrancy. Hours of sun exposure, multiple chemical treatments and years of product use can take their toll on the life of your hair. L’oreal's Absolut Repair Lipidium line was created to restore the health of your hair by reconstructing strands and creating a protective barrier that locks nutrients in and keeps mechanical and environmental aggressors out. Continue reading

  • How to Perform the Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment

    Want to help your clients get shiny, frizz-free, super smooth hair? There is a way—even for the most stubborn hair types! Even if hair is dry and damaged, coarse and frizzy, or just flat-out unruly, a Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Treatment is able totally transform hair into silky smooth strands that last for 12 weeks. Continue reading

  • 10 Hair Care Products to Pack for your Summer Travels

    With the summer season in full swing, you’re likely getting ready to pack your bags for that long-awaited summer vacation. Packing for a trip can be tricky business; you don’t want to pack all your hair products—especially if you have to take them through airport security with you—but you don’t want to forfeit your beauty regimen entirely while you’re away. If there were ever a time for your hair to look great, it’s while you’re soaking up the sun during vacation. So what hair products should you pack? Continue reading

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