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Keratin Express

The best just got better! The newest version of Keratin Express now tests ZERO for formaldehyde in solution, and more than 25 times below OSHA short term limits when heated! Keratin Express has switched to a higher grade aldehyde, allowing us to use much less in the formula. Keratin Express also added natural fruit acids known for their amazing conditioning, anti-frizz and curl-taming abilities! Enjoy the same incredible results with the newest version of our Keratin Smoothing Treatment for “Less Time, Less Money, Less Hassle”!

Since the inception of Keratin Express, it has always been Keratin Express’s intention to develop a product that enables salons and stylists to participate in the lucrative “Brazilian Keratin” category without the cost, effort, hassle and risk associated with many other treatments. Keratin Express have also been very transparent about our ingredients, our use of an “aldehyde” and its difference from formaldehyde.

The current Keratin Express formula contains no known formaldehyde or formaldehydedonors. To confirm this, Keratin Express had an independent lab conduct tests to measure any detectable formaldehyde both at room temperature and when heated to 450 degreesfor five minutes. The testing confirmed no formaldehyde with the exception of a traceamount (.00017%), attributable to possible residual from other product filling orcleaning on our production line.

Based on this information, in early October Keratin Express contacted Oregon OSHA directly and asked them to test Keratin Express solution for any formaldehyde content. Keratin Express also asked them to conduct air‐sample testing to determine if any formaldehyde was released into the air during the treatment process.

On October 29, 2010, Oregon OSHA released a report detailing testing they hadperformed onmost leading keratin‐based in‐salon treatments. The report can beaccessed at The testing was performed to determine if anyformaldehyde was detected in the products and if so, what was released into the air.With the exception of a few brands that work differently than Brazilian Keratin‐typetreatments, all brands tested positive for formaldehyde, with Keratin Express showingthe lowest amount.

Additionally, air sample testing showed all brands emitting lessthan the maximum exposure limits set by OSHA. Keratin Express, having the leastamount of formaldehyde to begin with, releases less formaldehyde into the air thanany other Brazilian Keratin brand tested.Clearly the test results came as a surprise, in light of the fact our formula contains noknown formaldehyde, and Keratin Express independent test showed basically zero. Keratin Express are in the process of determining whether the different testing methods themselves attributed to the difference in results between their tests and OSHA’s.

Regardless of the different testing methods giving different results, Keratin Express should not show ANY formaldehyde, when they have no known formaldehyde donors. Ithas been, and still is Keratin Express intention to provide the Salons, Stylists and Clients with a true, formaldehyde‐free formula as promised from the beginning.

Keratin Express focus is now on determining the source of the formaldehyde from the raw ingredients they use. Keratin Express have been communicating with Oregon OSHA throughout this process, and they have helped them with suggestions about where to look. Keratin Express is continuing their testing this week and will continue to do so until they can determine the source of the formaldehyde. When they  find the source Keratin Express will remove it, as it serves no purpose in the actual Keratin Express Smoothing Treatment and is not necessary to achieve the desired result.

Until then, it is safe to use Keratin Express as recommended, and any formaldehydereleased is below exposure limits set by Federal OSHA. Always start with no more than1 oz. of product, regardless of hair length and add more as needed after combingthrough. You want even distribution but do not want to saturate the hair. Be sure toblow‐dry the product into the hair completely after processing and be sure to only do asingle pass of the 450 degree iron, as more passes can burn off product. Additionally, please ensure adequate ventilation and use gloves if you have sensitiveskin or if you perform a large number of services per week.