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Drawing from the cosmetics, fashion, and home décor industries, Thymes has created an alluring range of bath, body and home products that have no equal. From their perfume quality fragrances to the ethically harvested botanicals, Thymes has revolutionized the way skin care and home care companies design and create products. Both men and women will find many pleasing choices; the natural ingredients used in Thymes range from the Floral To Fresh, From Citrus to Gourmand, to please any gender. Many are gender neutral – and all of the scents and fragrances are guaranteed to please, as only scents derived from botanicals can.

The imaginative approach to design and production of these healthy products shows in the elegant shapes and glass construction of containers, in the creative approach to fragrances and scents, as well as in the artful package designs, which make Thymes products ideal for gift giving. Of course, you’ll love to have them in your home or office as well!

Bath and Body: Only The Finest Ingredients, For Natural Skin Care

Thymes Natural Hand and Body Soaps, Body and Hand Lotions, Body Scrubs, And Fragrances for Women and Men all incorporate the best practices from the beauty and fashion industries, while incorporating some proprietary secrets in the production of cosmetic, bath and body products. As a result, their products offer the best way to care for your skin. The list of ingredients is too long to include here; a quick glance at the names gives an overview of the imaginative nature and healthy properties of Thymes Bath and Body products.

Home Products: Aromatic Botanicals and Cosmetic Grade Fragrances

From Candles to Potpourri, Thymes healthy and natural home products incorporate an array of enticing botanicals to help you create a warm, inviting space. Essential Oils from aromatic plants include Eucalyptus, Mandarin, Coriander, Guava, Lemon, Lime, Rose, Lily of the Valley, and more. Masculine and neutral scents are also widely featured, and include Jade Matcha Tea, Cognac, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Bergamot, and more.

The candles feature food grade paraffin for a clean burn; the wicks are metal-free to promote, a long burn. The dishwashing and cleansing products are easy on the skin, and feature the same botanicals, as do the fragrance mists and reed diffusers. There’s no healthier way to add a fresh and clean sparkle to your while promoting tranquility. From warm and relaxing, to crisp and invigorating, there’s a Thymes Home product that fits your needs. As with all Thymes products, they’re artfully designed and imaginatively packaged, to make the ideal gift for any special occasion.