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There is considerable confusion regarding keratin treatments and the use of formaldehyde specifically and aldehydes in general.

In light of recent publicity regarding this issue it is important to present factual information regarding Keratin Express so Salons and Stylists can make an informed decision regarding the use of our product.It has always been the intention of Keratin Express to be as transparent as possible regarding what is inour product, which is why we are one of the only companies in this category that list every ingredienton our bottles and on our MSDS sheet.

Like virtually all keratin treatments, we use an aldehyde due to its ability to cross-link protein to thehair. Ours is named 1,5-Pentanedial, otherwise known as Glutaraldehyde. There are hundreds of aldehydes, ranging from those in many vanilla flavored products we consume all the way to formaldehyde and everything in between.

An ingredient with the suffix “aldehyde” does not mean it isa form of formaldehyde.According to DOW Chemical, glutaraldehyde is “significantly different” in both chemical composition and toxicology to formaldehyde, “does not contain formaldehyde, nor does it release formaldehyde”.

That said, aldehydes are known to be respiratory irritants, especially when exposed to heat, so precautions should be taken with clients or stylists who have a history of respiratory sensitivities,contact dermatitis, eye, nose or throat sensitivities, etc. Some people can react more than others toingredients in these treatments, but when used as directed there is little or no reaction form the vastmajority of clients and stylists.

Always start with no more than 1 oz. or product, regardless of hair length and add more as needed after combing through.

You want even distribution but do not want to saturate the hair. Be sure to blow-drythe product into the hair completely after processing and be sure to only do a single pass of the 450degree iron, as more passes can burn off product.Keratin Express remains committed to the safety of Salons and Stylists and will continue to be factual and forthcoming in its information, ingredients, benefits and risks. Salons and Stylists have a right to be informed of what they are using so they can make an educated decision.