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7 Secrets to Making your Eyes Pop



It might sound crazy, but a study shows that a majority of men and women both claim that eyes are the first thing they notice about the opposite sex. There’s no doubt that your eyes say a lot about you, but if you go by the research, they might actually be your most important feature.

Don’t downplay the importance of making your gorgeous eyes stand out! Use these 7 tips to really make your eyes pop:

  1. Use a concealer to cover up any dull or dark under-eye circles. Beauty ADDICTS Double Deception Concealer comes with an under-eye emollient formula just for this purpose. Want to really banish those under-eye bags for good? Check out our post on solutions for getting rid of dark circles.
  2. If your eyes are puffy or itchy, grab a cold compress to sooth them and calm the inflammation. Your eyes will look and feel much better after a few minutes.
  3. Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. It’s a quick extra step that makes your lashes look longer and draws them away from your eyes, which helps to really draw attention to your eyes.
  4. Amp up your lashes with a healthy dose of mascara, like Beauty ADDICTS Show Off Mascara, or go with fake lashes for an even more dramatic effect.
  5. Use an eyeshadow color that contrasts nicely with your eye color. Beauty ADDICTS Glimmer Sheers Aluminizing Compact gives just the right amount of shine to make your eyes pop and comes in various color options to suit your eyes.
  6. Use white eyeshadow for the corners of your inner eye. This highlights an area that is otherwise quite dark, and it helps make your eyes look bigger and brighter. A dash of white liner in the waterline is also an easy go-to for giving your eyes that extra pop.
  7. Try a blue eyeliner instead of black. Blue accentuates the whites of your eyes, making them appear brighter.


What are some tricks you use to help make your eyes stand out? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to follow Fashion and Beauty Store on Facebook and Twitter.