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Abba Hair Care: A Commitment to Purity For Optimal Hair Health


Abba Pure Performance Hair Care products are designed using  natural ingredients and plant-based nutrients  support the healthiest hair possible. Designed for professional and home use, Abba's exceptional products feature shampoo, conditioner, and styling products for any type of hair using only the purest ingredients from nature. Whatever your hair situation, Abba products deliver the healthiest maintainence and styling solutions available today. The technology to wash, condition and style your hair, and even repair distressed hair is available today, with Abba's pure and natural beauty products that use no synthetic  ingredients  and are produced in small batches  for superior quality control.

Relief from Synthetics and Chemicals

Abba Hair Care products are created using only natural ingredients, giving you the healthiest hair possible. Those with allergies to chemicals in conventional hair care products will benefit greatly from this pure and natural hair care line, no matter what you put your hair through. From the punishment of the blow dryer to harsh color treatments, Abba Hair Care products are made from the best stuff nature has to offer.

The ProQuinoa Complex ™

Plant based products are loaded with nutrients that are much safer and healthier for your hair than synthetic products. The science behind Abba Hair Care products led their designers to create the ProQuinoa Complex ™ using some of the most powerful protein packed ingredients available in nature: quinoa, barley and soy. You'll love the way Abba products rescue distressed hair and support optimal hair health, and help you create stellar styles, while supporting the most lustrous and healthy hair possible,.

Healthy Hair, Naturally (Those with Allergies and Sensitive Scalps, Take Note)

Abba products are truly exceptional. The 100 percent vegan ingredients go back to the basics to infuse your hair with natural products. Before I tell you about the exciting product lineup, here's a quick list of ingredients NOT found in Abba Products, just to give you an idea just how natural and healthy these shampoos and conditioners and other treatments are for your hair when you use them in your salon or at home: Abba Hair Care products are completely free of synthetic color additives, free of DEA, sodium chloride free, sulfate free and phtalate free. Those with allergic scalps or sensitive skin that reacts unfavorably to the chemicals in standard hair care products, Abba is for you. And, as I mentioned, these hair products contain only vegan ingredients, so you know they're cruelty free as well.

And now, for the delightful details about these outstanding hair care products, available today from :

Protection for Colored Hair

If you're treating distressed hair, it makes no sense to follow up the arrary of harsh chemicals found in some color and perm treatements with additional harsh chemicals. Abba's commitment to purity is featured in their shampoo and conditioner that supports color treatments by restoring essential proteins to heavily treated hair. Abba Color Protection Shampoo and Abba Color Protection Conditioner are infused with the ProQuinoa Complex ™ (Quinoa, Barley and Soy) as well as coconut and sage, to rescue and rehabilitate hair from the perils of even the harshest of hair colors. And again, Abba Color Protection Shampoo and Color Protection Conditioner are Paraben Free and Sulfate Free, giving you the healthiest, best looking and best smelling hair in town.

Moisture Relief For Dry Hair

To rescue hair from damage inflicted by the hair dryer, try Abba's Moisture Shampoo and Moisture Conditioner. In addition to the ProQuinoa Complex ™ the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner feature olive butter to quench the thirstiest of hair, and pepperment oil to sooth dry and frazzled hair all the way down to its inner fibers.

Turn Up the Volume

Give a lift to lifeless, flat hair with Abba Volumizing Shampoo and Abba Volumizing Conditioner. Turn off  the blow dryer and add volume the healthy and natural way, adding shine and and volume with the nutrients in these fine Abba products, which feature the volume adding benefits of lemon grass and the brilliant energy of grapefruit to strengthen and enliven your hair from the roots to the very ends. And of course, there's Abba's ProQuinoa Complex ™.

Especially for Your Hair

Abba's Speciality line of products feature ingredients to recover your unique hair situation, restoring your hair to it's best possible state. In addition to the ProQuinoa Complex ™, the Detox Shampoo and Recovery Treatment Conditioner, along with the Gentle Shampoo and Gentle Conditioner are engineered to rescue hair that's been pushed to it's extreme by color, curling irons, perm treatments, and blow dryers. If you thought your hair was beyond hope, think again. Rescue distressed hair with these unique products that feature molasses, baking soda, cherry bark, lavender, aloe vera and peppermint.

Step Out In Style

It's your chance to shine. Abba's truly exception styling products enable you to create the looks that you love, from red carpet glamour to everyday, casual hair styles. Abba's emphasis on pure performance puts your imagination in charge, using natural ingredients and the nutrients in Quinoa, Barley and Soy (the ProQuinoa Complex ™, remember?) for natural hair using the purest of ingredients. That's what pure performance is all about. The names say it all: from the Thermal Protect Spray and Curl Prep Spray, to the Curl Finish Spray, you'll be satisfied that that your hair is enriched and protected before adding heat or chemicals. To achieve top fashion styles, try Abba's Volumizing Root Spray, Style Spray, and Firm Finish Spray. If gels are more your thing, try Abba's Volume Gel, Style Gel, and Firm Finish Gel. For additional hair effects and style support, try the Texturizing Cream and Smooth Blow Dry Lotion to add nutrients when your hair needs them while achieving today's top styles.

Shaping Up With Texture

Adding waves, curls and volume is easier and safer than ever with Abba True Shapes ® Herbal Therapy  Acid Wave. Say goodbye to harsh chemical treatments and hello to tons of gorgeous volume and texture, thanks to this breakthrough vegan product. True Shapes ® Herbal Therapy Acid Wave, along with the rest of the natural, pure performance Abba product line, are some of the most sophisticated  hair care products we've ever seen.