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Alterna Hair Care for a Luxury Hair Care


The hair is believed to be a wonderful gift from nature. Almost everybody would love to their healthy and beautiful hair that serves as their crown to popularity. Even though cosmetic products are expensive, they are patronized by people for being effective. They have the right components that protect the hair against the damage from the sun and environment.

Alterna Hair Care pioneered in the luxury hair care in the industry. The transformation is made easy from the dull and tiring hair to a beautiful and luxurious one. Whatever is your need on hair care, they have the salon-tested and clinically-proven Alterna hair care and Alterna products. These contain the best ingredients that make them proven, pure and professional.

Alterna Hemp Hair Care Alterna Caviar Hair Care Alterna Life Hair Care Alterna Ten Hair Care Alterna Bamboo MEN
Alterna Hemp Hair Care Products Alterna Caviar Hair Care products Alterna Life Hair Care products Alterna Ten Hair Care products Alterna Bamboo MEN
Alterna Bamboo Smooth Alterna Bamboo Shine Alterna Bamboo Volume Alterna Bamboo UV+ Color Protection Alterna Bamboo Style
Alterna Bamboo Smooth Alterna Bamboo Shine Alterna Bamboo Volume Alterna Bamboo UV+ Color Protection Alterna Bamboo Style

The purest ingredients are added such as Alterna bamboo, Alterna seasilk, caviar, Kendi oil and a whole lot more. These are sustainable and precious ingredients that deliver their powerful and pure benefits. The great thing about these products is that they are free from sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens and unnecessary or harsh additives. These products also come with their friendly packaging.


Proven to have the high performance, Alterna hair care products deliver the best promises to women. The company has spent almost fifteen years of developing the right technologies to consumer, clinical, in-salon and safety testing. The remarkable hair care collections are the result of proprietary technologies like Enzymetherapy. The delivery system of enzyme further enhances the absorption of the hair on the necessary ingredients for supreme keratin production.


The company’s respected credibility motivates it to transform the products. Alterna remained to be the authority in luxury hair care and pioneered the industry standards. The insights and expertise of the most professional stylists are brought on and studied upon for the high-performance and luxurious products that meet the standards of professional clients and salons.


Beauty artisans and salon stylists around the world can depend on us for expertise, choice and innovation. The uncompromising care that we extend to our clients starts from the products that we introduce to them. Our other sets of products include alterna volume, alterna anti-aging, alterna ten and alterna UV.


Alterna Katie Homes is the brand ambassador and global spokesperson, serving as the woman behind the advertising campaigns of the brand. She had her fair shares and campaigns for Alterna products. Her consumer and creative insights help moved the brand than its competitors. Alterna continued to expand and grow its name around the world. She even continued to inspire retail and salon partners .She shared with them how much shinier, smoother and healthier their hair looked like after the use of Alterna products.


Gracefully evolving as a designer, style icon and designer, Katie has the natural beauty that attracts clients. Without Alterna hair care products, it is impossible for Katie to stay away from unnecessary chemicals such as parabens and sulfates. Alterna hair care is good for the hair and women will feel good at using it! Take this opportunity of transforming your hair from being dull and ordinary to a healthier and shinier hair!