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Get in Touch with Your Masculine Side with label men


Although they won’t admit it, most guys want to look decent when they go out in public. But the concept of actually using products to accomplish that sends lots of guys running in the other direction. Fortunately, in the past several years, there have been more products created specifically for men, so using product doesn’t have quite the feminine stigma it once did.

label-menOne such product line is label.m’s new range for men, called The line consists of seven products, each boasting a combination of tea tree, peppermint, anti-oxidant clove, sandalwood and carrot seed oil. Packed with nourishing botanicals and featuring a clean, masculine scent, the line provides guys with everything they need to keep their hair looking and feeling great all day long.


  • Scalp Purifying Shampoo: Using the brand’s exclusive ingredient blend, the eleMENts complex with Micronization technology, the purifying shampoo serves as a daily cleanser perfect for all hair types. It helps strengthen hair and build thickness, while leaving hair clean and moisturized.
  • Invigorating Conditioner: Follow up your daily shampoo routine with this nourishing conditioner. The Invigorating Conditioner balances scalp moisture, leaving hair healthy and shiny.
  • Thickening Tonic: Create textured matte styles with this gel to liquid tonic that creates an all-day hold. Hydrolysed Keratin from Cashmere creates a fabric-like texture perfect for building layers of volume and style.
  • Deconstructor: Create lasting thickness and give your roots a boost with this versatile matte paste. Give your hair a firm but natural-looking all-day hold.
  • Grooming Cream: Use this lightweight cream to create natural definition and texture. It can be used to pre-treat for use with other products or on its own as a thickening, texturizing cream.
  • Max Wax: Add shine while giving hair definition and the firmest hold. Designed to handle even thick, coarse hair, Max Wax creates a natural shine while providing serious control.
  • Sculpting Pomade: Take it back to the classics with this old school pomade with a modern twist. Build elevated styles while adding shine and strengthening hair with this Biotin-rich product.


Cleanse, invigorate and create serious style with’s exclusive line. Remember to visit the Fashion & Beauty Store website for the best prices on label.m and all your other favorite brands. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for tips, updates and exclusive deals.