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Pure Brazilian Keratin Hair Care


Dynamic Company Brings The Latest In Brazilian-Inspired Hair Care To The Home and Salon

Sometimes all a great idea needs is a dynamic new company to become a worldwide phenomenon. Brazilian style heat activated hair smoothing treatments are that great idea; Pure Brazilian® is that innovative new company.

Pure-Brazilian-LogoWe spoke with founder and president Christine Medrick, who encountered the Brazilian treatment a few years back and was inspired to bring an improved product to salons and showers around the globe. “I had the treatment done on my hair and really loved it," she says. "I wanted to create a line that does things a little bit better," she says. "The Pure Brazilian® competitive advantage is that it washes out the same day. Some treatments have to stay on the hair for two or three days!"
But it’s not just about the salon treatments (for sale to licensed, certified stylists only). Pure Brazilian® consumer products deliver many of the same nutrients and powerfully penetrating ingredients as the salon treatment, representing an exceptional value and support to all types of hair. “Using our home care products on a daily basis, you’ll improve the condition of your hair,” Medrick explains. “It will help you blow dry it, and help you get some of the results you get with our actual treatment.”
From their offices in Los Angeles and Miami, Pure Brazilian® is leading the way to bring this powerful new hair treatment to the world. The result is a wildly popular line of products available in 12 countries (and growing). Home treatments include Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, Deep Conditioning Masque, Anti Frizz Serum and the number one selling Pure Brazilian® product, the Miracle Leave-In Spray. The secret is in the innovative formulas and expensive ingredients in these superior hair care products, including Keratin, Cocoa and Acai, all sourced from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, with the salon products made in Brazil and the home products created the U.S.A.

Healthy, And Time Saving

purebrazillianThe benefits of a Pure Brazilian® salon treatment and home hair care shampoos, conditioners, sprays and masques are numerous: "Having a Pure Brazilian® treatment adds shine to the hair, and makes the hair a whole lot more healthy, soft, silky and smooth," Medrick explains. And that's not all—there are practical benefits to using Pure Brazilian products and treatments. "A Pure Brazilian® treatment cuts the drying time in half,” she says. “So if it usually takes a woman thirty minutes or so to blow dry her hair, it now is going to take 12 to 15 minutes, because the cuticle is blocked out, and it can't hold in that moisture, so the water pretty much repels off." The reduced drying time makes for stronger, healthier hair too, a benefit anyone can enjoy.
Busy women around the world are benefiting from that extra time. “I’m a mother,” Medrick explains. “I’m also working on my Master’s degree (in psychology), running a business, on the PTA, so having an extra half an hour in the morning to not have to do my hair is life changing.” In addition the smooth and silky strength Brazilian treatments give to hair, it was this time saving feature that inspired Medrick to create her exciting line of Brazilian-inspired home and salon hair care products.
I wanted to create a line that did things a little bit better,” Medrick told us. In addition to the reduced application time at the salon, the product boasts a “light and beach scent. Our retail products are bigger than most competitors, which is at a really competitive price point. The packaging, we wanted to make a really fun, pretty, aesthetically pleasing packing line.” Indeed, the luminous blue bottle with gold Euro-inspired font is a beauty to behold, and the attractive scent is among the best in the business.

Two Formulas: Original Reconstructor and Clear

purebrazillian-treatmPure Brazilian® salon treatments are available in two formulas: Original Reconstructor, and Clear. Clear is made from organic products. Medrick explains: “Both are good for any type of hair; the original is stronger, so we tell people, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, or if it’s a kid, or if you’re someone who just doesn’t like using chemicals in their green life style, the Clear would be good.” In addition to the naturally sourced and Organic Brazilian Keratin, Cocoa, and Akai used in the Pure Brazilian ® Clear treatment, Pure Brazilian offers a Shine Oil that’s organic and vegan, to deliver stellar shine and control to hair of all types. carries the full line of Pure Brazilian® products for salon professionals and for home use, to let you achieve Brazilian-inspired results, every day. Shop today for the best prices anywhere on Pure Brazilian® and other top names in beauty and hair care. And be sure to check out our holiday and free shipping offers.