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Surface... A Healthy Hair Care


Healthy Hair Care With A Social Conscience, For Home And Salon

Surface Hair founder Wayne Grund is on a mission to bring organic hair care to the world.As a third-generation hairstylist in a family of hairstylists concerned about the health effects of harmful ingredients traditionally used in many salon products, Grund consulted with organic chemists to improve hair care. In addition to offering healthy and effective cleansing, conditioning, rejuvenating and styling hair care featuring organic botanicals and sustainable ingredients, Surface hair products contain no sulfates, animal proteins or other offensive ingredients.

surface bassu oilBecause the typical stylist or home user might apply hundreds or even thousands of hair treatments over time, Grund earnestly sought natural replacements for the toxic ingredients and petroleum-based additives found in many hair care products. One solution: Bassu oil acquired in Brazil's Amazon rainforest through fair trade practices. As a result, Surface Hair offers the most health conscious, most socially responsible lines of hair care products imaginable. In addition to offering a vegan, gluten free styling and hair care solution for virtually every style and condition of hair for men and women, Surface Hair Care gives back to to the global community with charitable donations to World Vision, to sponsor children in the developing world, and for the building of wells in impoverished nations.

The Healthiest Hair Care Products Ever Created, For Any Type of Hair

From his background as an artistic director for Redken, to his experience as a top-notch stylist creating quality styles in his Visions Salon and Spa, Wayne Grund brings all his knowledge and concern for the hair and skin health of men and women and his investigations into organic chemistry to the company that is setting the fashion and beauty universe on fire. Surface hair products - from shampoos and conditioners, to hair nourishing treatments and finishing sprays, gels, taffy and mousses that sculpt the hairstyles the world admires - have been featured on fashion catwalks around the globe and in the media, from CNN to ABC, NBC and Canadian national television as well as in magazines Cosmopolitan and Vogue, as well as in the salon industry and fashion world trade magazines.
Surface offers an impressive array of organic hair products (far too extensive to list here. Check out for a complete list, with the best prices). Suffice it to say that salon stylists and home hair designers and ordinary folks won't find a healthier way to shampoo, condition, strengthen, heal and nourish hair, no matter what the condition, quality, or age of their hair and scalp. From dandruff and psoriasis, to chemical treated and heat treated hair, Surface has a cleaning, conditioning, styling, repairing and finishing product for you, that's safe and effective to use on a regular basis.

Sustainable, Organic Hair Care For Salon And Home

The products range from basic therapeutic shampoos and hydrating conditioners, to a hydrating masque and hydrating oil enriched, to deep repair formulas for troubled hair. Sizes range (in various shampoos and conditioners) from 2 ounces to gallon-sized for the convenience of home stylists, salon professionals, and everyone in between. Got curls? Surface Curls Smoothing Cream, Curls Conditioner, Shampoo and Whip Mousse will maintain full, luxurious curls for months to come. Looking for a daily styling solution that adds volume or controls even difficult hair while enriching hair with natural proteins and sugars (and without animal proteins and mineral oil? Check out Surface Shift Molding Clay, Shift Shaping Wax, Push Styling Powder, Reflect Styling Gel,or Jump Volume Mousse, for example. Looking for a cleansing shampoo that's safe enough for weekly use while gently removing chemical residues, a thickening creme or hydrating masque?  Surface has an organic, socially responsible product to make your hairstyle dreams come true.