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The Ins and Out of Product Build-Up


What is product build-up?

The products you love to use to condition, shine and style your hair can be a double-edged sword—they give you gorgeous hair for the moment, but they also leave behind residue that can wreak havoc on your locks in the long-run. The excess product accumulates on your strands, blocking much-needed moisture from penetrating your hair. With enough build-up, your hair will begin to feel dried out, flat, and it might feel dirty even after you wash it.

Why does it happen?

Build-up occurs for several reasons:

  • If your hair is especially non-porous—meaning water and other products aren’t easily absorbed by it—the products you use are likely to remain on the top of the hair strand, causing build-up.

  • Another reason for build-up could be failure to completely rinse all your product out. It can be tempting after a long night out to hop into bed with that strong-hold spray or mousse still in your hair, but beware—that’s an easy way to create product build-up.

  • Using products that contain silicone can lead to build-up. While silicone is great forgiving hair a smooth, silky look, it isn’t water-soluble, so it can be difficult to remove from hair depending on the type of shampoo you use.

How can you remove product build-up?

The most effective way to get rid of build-up is to use a clarifying shampoo. This type of shampoo is designed to remove impurities from your hair and restore it to its natural state. You most likely don’t want to use clarifying shampoo all the time, as excessive use might strip your hair of nutrients. If you really use a lot of product on a weekly basis, then washing with clarifying shampoo once a week is usually a good rule of thumb. However, if your hair is normally on the dry side or is color-treated, you probably want to relegate use to once a month.

Which clarifying shampoo is best for me?

For color-treated hair: Alterna Bamboo Style Deep Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo

For use before a Keratin treatment: Global Keratin Clarifying PH Shampoo

For daily use: KMS California Hair Stay Clarify Shampoo

For a gentle, natural cleanse: ABBA Detox Shampoo

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