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Davines Defining System

The Ultimate In Hair Design: Davines Defining Collection. Davines’ innovative vision in hair design has never been more apparent than in these 16 salon quality hair finishing products. Science, nature and brilliant engineering come together in this array of mousses, finishing sprays and sculpting lotions that make cutting edge styles possible. Better yet, thanks to Davines nature-based approach, daily use is not a problem. Like any other Davines hair care product, Davines Defining Collectionfeatures the best nature has to offer, from Panthenol to Fresh Pumpkin Extract. 


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Davines Defining Collection: The Latest Word In Hair Finishing

Fashion magazine publisher John Fairchild once said “style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” The folks atDavines have a compatible philosophy. In regards to their Defining Collection of hair finishing products, they have said “we believe every choice we make, from our style to our way of life, asserts our individuality.”

When it comes to your hair, it is best to leave nothing to chance. Davines Defining Collection features an array of 16 styling and finishing products that let you assert your unique sense of style while protecting your hair from the sun and other environmental stressors. When you choose these fine finishing products –which range from gels to sprays – you’ll reap the benefits of vibrant, supple, and delightfully healthy hair.

From a nourishing hair gel featuring honey to an alcohol free mousse, Davines Defining and Finishing Hair Care products offer a higher level purity, resulting in the sophisticated, healthy hair you’ve always wanted. It’s never been easier to feel good about your hair than when you use products that feature elements such as cucumber extracts, soy proteins, fresh pumpkin cells and more. Ingredients like these, and a vision that utilizes the best from science and nature are what set Davines apart from ordinary styling products.

The wide range of vitamins, proteins and minerals in this defining and finishing collection are scientifically selected to offer your hair the benefit of the latest research. For example, the Finishing spray combines a traditional ingredient – cucumber extract – with panthenol for hydration and dimethicone to add shine and flexibility. The result is a finishing spray that protects your hair like no other, with no resulting stickiness. Another example is the Defining Protein and Sculpting Lotion, which nourishes and restores damaged hair with ingredients like wheat, corn and soy proteins that heal hair and seal split ends, along with hydrating ingredients that moisturize hair and prevent further dryness. Another favorite is the Defining Glam Power Spray that features vitamin E and pongamia extract, for a healthy, firm hold and shine like no other.

Expressing your fashion sense and asserting your individuality with Davines products makes sense. Davines’ core philosophy embraces both traditional herbalism and future science, along with respect for the environment. The 16 products in the Defining line represent every possible need, from hair that is subtly controlled for casual styles, to hair that is outrageously sculpted for an exotic effect. You’ll love what Davines Defining style products do for your hair. We guarantee it.