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Davines For Wizards

For The Most Cutting Edge Styles, Try Davines Wizards Finishing Products: Davines Wizards linemakes it possible to explore the farthest reaches of your imagination while creating hair styles from the merely sensible to the outrageous. With mild holds to holds that are so sturdy the products literally cement your hair, the Davines’ Wizards line allows salon stylists to let their imaginations soar. When you want the looks that the models on the magazines and runways have, you need magic from the wizards. Davines Wizards, that is.


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Davines Wizards Finishing Products: Magical Hair Technology

To paraphrase science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, “any technology, sufficiently developed, is indistinguishable from magic.” Davines for Wizards line, designed for hair stylists and salon masters, represents hair care technology elevated to the level of art, to create magical styling effects. Designed with the latest resins, the Wizards line is engineered to allow the salon specialist to sculpt hair into a multitude of looks.

That’s a proposition as radical as it sounds. Consider the for Wizards No. 12 Cement powder. Add it to gel or mousse, and you can proportionately increase the amount of holding power to achieve virtually any hair style. Your imagination is the only limit. Let your inner artist take control with Davines No. 11 for Wizards Universal Instant Grip Glue, which features the latest in resin technology and Propanediol (from wheat) to provide a super strong hold to allow extreme  hair architecture that’s as wild as you dream up.

From radically short, to radically long, from bohemian, to Euro chic, whatever hair style it is that inspires you to step out with pride, these fine Davines for Wizards productsmake it possible. The Davines No. 10 for Wizards Universal Polishing Coat is a Finishing Paste for all Hair types that delivers an extra firm hold and high shine, when a lighter control is desired. The Davines No. 9 Structuring Mist is a Finishing Spray that’s engineered for use with a curling iron or a flat iron, for a shiny medium hold that’s clean and strong, without flakiness or residue.

For that custom look that’s easy to achieve, try Davines Wizards’ No. 8 Quick Setting Hard Gel. It’s packed with powerful resin technology for a strong sheen and a soft sheen that shows off texture. For holding hair back, in waves, pomps, ducktails and other popular styles without flaking, this is one deluxe hair gel that can’t be beat. For adding a little bit of body to hair while shaping and controlling with a firm hard, try Davines No. 7 Crystal Fixative Lacquer. You’ll get long lasting looks from this Finishing Spray that are sophisticated and stylish, thanks to the latest silicones and resins that protect and add shine while adding zero flakiness or residue.

Thicker hair requires a little bit of extra control.For Wizards No. 6 Glossy Plasteline adds that control, while showing off the texture that are the trademark of medium to coarse hair. It’s a finishing featuring Shea butter and special conditioners that turn any head of hair – especially those with medium thick to coarse strands – into a work of art. Yet it’s water soluble and rinses out easily.

Davines for Wizards No. 5 Mat Pliable Stucco is a Finishing Paste that offers a firm hold and matte effect, for all hair, especially short hair, with a fine and medium texture. Like all of the Wizard styling products from Davines, it’s pH balanced and features the latest, most innovative ingredients to protect hair while it styles. The similar No. 4 Glossy Modeling Putty offers a medium to firm hold and a high shine in a Finishing Paste for all hair types (but it’s especially good with short to medium hair, and fine to medium textures).The No. 3 Universal Mattering Mousse is a styling mousse with high shine, medium hold, for all hair types, especially fine to medium textured hair.

The Davines No. 2 Mat Moulding Gesso is another Finishing Wax that shows off tons of texture and delivers a powerful hold. Yet it’s water-based and rinses off easily, and features oils that nourish and protect hair. Perhaps the most mysteriously named Davines product is the No. 1 Finest Oil Non Oil. Despite the seeming contradictions in the name, it’s a styling and finishing oil for all hair types that adds a soft hold and high shine, while conditioning and protecting, using that finest ingredients and the latest resins.

Each of these Davines’ hair products for styling Wizards and aspiring Wizards are state of the art – they’re hair styling technology that gives you the power to do magic with your clients’ hair. Whether its conservative casual or radical chic you’re after, Davines for Wizards line of styling products makes it possible.