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Davines Glorifying Hair Care

Davines Glorifying Hair Care For Divinely Glorious Hair. Hair that’s been colored or bleached many times can become weak and tired; but even terribly overworked hair is no match for Davines Glorifying Hair Care products for the home or salon. From daily shampoos and conditioners, to a pre-color treatment and an anti-age elixir, these products offer nourishment and protection. Best of all, your hair will simply love the many naturally derived ingredients found in these products. From Wheat Proteins to Panthenol, the hair care specialists at Davines spared no expense in providing you with the nutrients overworked hair needs. 


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Color is a real cornerstone of beauty; it's able to give the look and charm to every lady when chosen correctly. That's why it is so important to maintain salon results and enhance color's vibrancy and shine over time, so you can look and feel your best!

In response to this needs DavinesHair Care Company created the unique line -Glorifying Hair Care Systemthat highlights and enhances any type of colored, bleached or highlighted hair. Combined action of natural active ingredients not only enhances shine but also prolonging the colors vitality due to its anti-aging effect.

Glorifying- a unique line for colored hair, minimizes the impact of external aggressive factors on the hair and prolongs vibrancy of your color. All products from Glorifying lineby Davines contain natural active ingredients such as: Sunflower Extract, Polyphenols and Omega-6 amino-acids, a powerful anti-oxidants, anti-aging Carotenoids, organic Sunflower Oil with nourishing, softening and moisturizing effects; OGT - a unique derivative of Corn Oil with its anti-inflammatory and soothing effect; Wheat and Oat Proteins and essential Amino Acids that restore the hair structure and forming a protective barrier on it. You will see beautiful shine, silkiness and vibrant color from the very first application of Glorifying products! 

Enjoy your hair!