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Davines More Inside

Davines More Inside is a new range of styling products that allow stylists express their creative side and make the most of their customers' personality. Davines More Inside products are honest tools that tell their own story through their characteristics and capabilities, whisper thoughts inspired by their function, elevated to humble and discreet advice, which can be applied to everyday life. Davines has pared its two most popular styling collections, For Wizards and Defining, and created Davines More Inside consisting of 16 unique, beautiful, hand-wrapped styling products.

Davines More Inside Strong Hold Hairspray provides long-lasting strong hold and humidity resistance.
Davines More Inside Medium Hold Hairspray is a very fine mist, that adds texture, control, medium hold, and shine.
Davines More Inside Invisible No Gas Spray can be used both as a styling primer and a finishing spray. Davines More Inside Invisible No Gas Spray gives structure to the hair, locks-in moisture, and delivers medium hold without stickiness. Replaces Davines No. 9 For Wizards Structuring Mist.
Davines More Inside Volume Boosting Mousse has a creamy consistency, snow-like texture to add volume, body, shine, and medium hold to all hair types. Perfect for creating soft and wet-looking hair styles. Replaces Davines Defining Volume Mousse.
Davines More Inside Curl Moisturizing Mousse allows stylists to create bouncy, well-defined, shiny curl in no time.
Davines More Inside Invisible Serum is paraben and artificial dyes free. Perfect for creating satiny, tousled looks, separating, adding shine and softness to any style.
Davines More Inside Medium Hold Pliable Paste is perfect for all hair types. It provides texture, control, shine, and invisible all-day hold. Replaces Davines Wizard No. 5 Mat Pliable Stucco.
Davines More Inside Sea Salt Spray allows you create full-bodied, beachy looks, add volume, texture, and mat finishing to all types of hair. Replaces Davines For Wizards No 14 Sea Salt Primer.
Davines More Inside Strong Dry Wax replaces Davines For Wizards No 13 Mat Forming Ground, and it’s perfect for creating defined, mat textures.
Davines More Inside Medium Hold Finishing Gum gives medium hold to the hair making it mat.
Davines More Inside  Strong Hold Cream Gel provides strong, workable hold, defines and adds structure, leaves no residue.
Davines More Inside Medium Hold Modeling Gel moisturizes and provides medium hold and high shine. Eliminates frizz, structures, defines and protects. Replaces Davines Defining Shaping Gel.
Davines More Inside Oil non Oil is one of the most popular Davines products. This is a fluid gel with no hold perfect for creating of natural, tamed textures, eliminating frizz, and adding texture without making your hair stiff or sticky. Replaces Davines No. 1 For Wizards Finest Oil Non Oil.
Davines More Inside Curl Building Serum is a curl-enhancing serum that defines, eliminates frizz, adds shape, makes curls shiny and bouncy.
Davines More Inside Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid controls hair helping to obtain a perfectly straight look, while eliminating frizz and moisturizing the hair. Replaces Davines Defining Relaxing Fluid.
Davines More Inside Strong Moulding Clay creates untidy looks, adds texture and mat finish. Delivers strong hold and humidity resistance. Replaces Davines No. 2 For Wizards Matt Molding Wax.