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Davines NOUNOU Color-Protecting

Davines NouNou: The Natural Way To Restore Overworked, Damaged Hair. This is where hair care and rocket science meet – in the cutting edge NouNou line from Davines. For hair that’s been color treated one to many times, to hair that’s brittle and tired from overexposure to the hair dryer, the pros at Davines have created an impressive array of salon quality products that feature ingredients from nature, including Sweet Almond Butter, Tomato Extracts, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil -- each carefully selected to restore your hair’s natural pH balance. The best of herbal traditions and scientific analysis combined in some of the world’s best shampoos, conditioners and treatments mean that you’ll get the hair you’ve always wanted, naturally.

Nothing Nourishes Like Nature – And Davines NouNou

Nothing nourishes like nature, which is why Davines NouNou line of natural hair care products offer the best way to heal and restore tired, overworked hair.

Start with NouNou Illuminating Shampoo. Designed to restore color treated hair, it’s loaded with healthful ingredients such as Chestnut Milk, Hydrocreatines, and Rice Proteins that add luster and shine after the first use. NouNou shampoo is your essential, first line of defense against harsh color treatments that exact their dulling toll on hair. NouNou cleans all types by restoring their natural protein balance while removing grease and dirt.

Follow up with the NouNou Conditioner, also known as Illuminating Cream, which replenishes color treated hair with daily use, thanks to all natural ingredients including Sweet Almond Butter, Vitamin F, Tomato Extracts and Rhizobium gum. Your hair is made up largely of protein; the natural ingredients in NouNou shampoo nurture your hair with pH balanced ingredients that are helpful, not harsh.

For deep nourishing, try the NouNou Pak Nourishing Repairing Mask that features ingredients like Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil to restore your hair’s health and sheen – in only ten minutes. From superfine hair to thick, from curly to frizzy to straight – whatever type of hair you have, you’ll appreciate the fabulous, healthy appearance Davines NouNou Nourishing Essential Hair Care Products add to your hair.

A Leader In Eco-Friendly Hair Care

Founded in 1983, Davines became a leader in natural hair care by pioneering the use of eco-friendly practices and a philosophy embracing organic hair care and sustainable practices. Based in Italy, the family owned business has reached every part of the globe, while staying true to their vision. An ISO 9001 certified business, Davines launched the first Sustainable Beauty Day to encourage salons everywhere to adopt greener practices that are not only better for the environment, their safer, more natural, and result in healthier, more lustrous hair.

Thanks to retailers like the Fashion and Beauty store, Davines products can now be purchased easily and affordably. Check back often for new deals on shipping, and discounts on all of your fashion, beauty and hair care needs.