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Goldwell Colorance

For natural looking hair color from a gentle, ammonia-free formula, colorists and hair salons everywhere are turning to Colorance Hair Color from Goldwell. Colorance offers demi-permanent shades from blonde to black that gently fade out for natural looking color or grey coverage that’s easy, safe and effective.

Goldwell Colorance features a gentle 6.8 pH formula that allows stylists, salon professionals and home colorists to change their hair color as often as they like, without harming hair. This revolutionary hair color system is a available in toning, lowlights, soft colors, and natural shades, making it possible to change hair frequently, up to 75% -- in an array of colors from brilliant blonde to Max Reds. Yet Goldwell Colorance is safe to use, due to several revolutionary breakthroughs in hair color technology.

Goldwell Colorance Triflective Naturals features the innovative Reflects³ System that works with your hair structure to deliver three brilliant tones from deep within the hair system. Colorance Lowlights uses Acid-based technology and the new IPP (Integrated Pre-Pigmentation) formula for stunning results every time. Colorance Blond Toning is an all around perfect solution for all of your blonde clients, to deliver fabulous blonde hair (even on heavily damaged hair). Colorance Soft Color is an easy to apply foam that comes in 20 shades and lasts up to 8 shampoos, to maintain color between hair salon visits.

Goldwell Colorance Hair Color offers experienced colorists and salon stylists as well as the novice superior results every time, thanks to a revolutionary formula that’s as safe as it is effective. Thanks to the ammonia free, pH 6.8 profile of Colorance products, your clients get the image-making results they love, with each salon visit, along with the healthiest hair imaginable.  

Because it includes no ammonia, Colorance pH 6.8 is the preferred way to add gorgeous color to your hair. You’ll get the most natural looking, luxurious hair possible. Choose from 19 shades, from Blonde to Vesuvian. The gentle 6.8 pH formula of this leading Colorance product from Goldwell delivers superior, salon quality results that you can also do at home. Nobody knows hair color like Goldwell; try it for yourself, and you’ll be a believer.

Goldwell Colorance hair colors offer demi-permanent color for your hair in a variety of exciting shades. Colorance Color Styling Mousse offers the easiest and safest way to add fabulously vibrant color to your hair. Ideal for home or salon, Colorance Color Styling Mousse won’t drip or stain your skin – simply comb it in for smooth and natural salon-quality results every time. For grey coverage or simply trying out a new shade, there’s never been an easier way to apply color to any type of hair.

Colorance Soft Color Foam from Goldwell lets you try out new shades, easily and semi-permanently. It’s also ideal for maintaining your hair color between salon visits and for covering minimal greys. Soft Color last for 6 to 8 shampoos, letting you experiment with 20 exciting and authentic shades without making a commitment. Colorance Soft Color Foam is totally safe, because it features a no-ammonia, non-oxidizing, non-alkaline formula. Changing your hair color to suit your style has never been easier, or more fun. Goldwell Soft Color Foam won’t run or stain your skin, and is ideal for home or salon use.