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Goldwell DualSenses

It’s never been easier for salon clients to maintain their hair at home, than with Goldwell DualSenses products. This is state-of-the-art hair care in the form of convenient, easy-to-use shampoos, conditioners, leave-in sprays, and instant treatments for superior results that you can see and feel.

Each contains Goldwell’s Microfluid technology that infuses the hair shaft with minerals while supporting vivacious color, luscious twisted curls, regulating even the most challenging scalps, and protecting hair off all types from environmental stressors like UV rays, chlorine and sea water.

Goldwell DualSenses features a full line of hair care products that lets men look their best as well. When it comes to adding body, thickening, stimulating and regulating the scalp while protecting hair, the products in this Goldwell hair care line are second to none. DualSenses: for consistent, salon perfect style for men and women, day in and day out.

When you want sensational hair that you can see and feel, you’ll love Goldwell DualSenses hair care products. Goldwell DualSenses hair care products feature MicroFluid technology in a 60-second treatment that supports ultra volume, luxurious color and luscious, twisty curls while protecting hair from stressors, along with salon-perfect results every time. DualSenses multi-mineral formula nourishes while it enhances, support color and wave treatments for long-lasting style that men and women desire.

DualSenses products are the ideal compliment to in salon treatments, allowing clients to manage their styles at home, easily and affordably. For example, Ultra Volume adds definition to fine and normal hair, while the Rich Repair formula utilizes Pashima Silk Proteins for luxurious results that you can see and feel.Goldwell DualSenses color supporting Brilliance System features pomegranate extract in shampoos, conditioners, gloss sprays, serums, and leave-in conditioners that add volume and nourish while ensuring long-lasting color. There are additional DualSenses systems for the richest colors – a Color Rich system that supports the deepest, most vibrant shades ever seen.

DualSenses Curly Twist shampoos, conditioners, and sprays feature bamboo extracts that nourish hair at its foundations while supporting the most fabulous and luxurious twisted curls imaginable. The Scalp Regulation products in this line feature lime extract that keeps dandruff ridden or oily scalps and hair under control in the form of a deep cleaning, dry scalp, and sensitive skin formulas. SunReflects products feature a UV shield and support an active outdoor lifestyle, to restore and nourish hair that is stressed by the harsh elements that nature dishes out, as well as those found in spas and pools. DualSenses products for men promote thickness and superior style, while recharging, revitalizing and protecting hair from stressors like the sun, surf, and blow dryer.

In short: salon professionals the world ‘round agree: for maintaining style and color,Goldwell DualSenses hair care from Goldwell have no equal.

DualSenses Ultra Volume. Ladies, step out in style with convenient, easy to use hair care from Goldwell DualSenses. The shampoo, conditioners and leave-in spray of the DualSenses Ultra Volume line utilizes Goldwell MicroFluid technology to add layers of rich volume to fine and normal hair while nourishing hair. The 60-second instant treatment is a hot tip in fashion: it’s the fast, easy, and affordable way to boost your hair’s volume profile. Factor in gentle top notes of mangosteen, musk, watermelon and magnolia, and you’ve got the big picture.

Goldwell Ultra Volume Gel Shampoo and Gel Conditioner, Leave-in Boost Spray and Leave-In Serum feature multi-minerals, polymers that strengthen, and a clean light formula that leaves hair clean, rich and full with each application. Maintaining salon-perfect levels of style has never been easier. It’s proven: Goldwell DualSenses Ultra Volume formula rocks the fashion and beauty scene.

Goldwell Rich Repair The answer to stressed and dry hair is here: Goldwell Rich Repair formula in the DualSenses line. Restoring hair to a supple, luxurious state is what these fine products are all about. Rich Repair hair care features Pashima Silk Proteins and a special cuticle balancer in a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in serum and crème fluid, and a hair tip serum delightfully infused with luscious scent of cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine, heliotrope and whitehorn. The 60-second instant treatment that Goldwell has pioneered is also here, in the form of a repair formula that takes only a minute but revitalizes hair to a state of fabulous, magnificent luxury.

Salon pros and their clients will love what Goldwell DualSenses Rich Repair does for their hair, and so will you. These formulas are built upon Goldwell’s tradition of creating innovative products that deliver reliable, superior results for everyday home use and for use in the salon. It’s no wonder that Goldwell products are taking the fashion, beauty and style scene by storm – one hairstyle at a time.

Goldwell Curly Twist Nothing turns heads like an array of vibrant, full twisty curls. Goldwell offers the secret to maintaining those curls in a line of DualSenses products that support curly and wavy hair at home, between salon treatments. The bamboo extract in this line of shampoos, conditioners, two phase leave-in spray and leave-in serum provides a foundation for long lasting, luxurious curls that it’s impossible not to admire. Elasticity polymers and moisture boosters provide additional support to waves, curls and perms in all hair types.

Maintaining the curls you desire while care for and styling your hair as you usually would is convenient and reliable with these Goldwell hair care products. Goldwell products make it possible to maintain any style you desire, with minimal hassle. It’s no wonder that salon pros everywhere recommend Goldwell products to their clients time and again.

Goldwell Sun Reflects Even in mild climates, the sun can dish out some pretty harsh rays that damage unprotected hair. Fortunately, Goldwell scientists have created DualSenses SunReflects, an innovative formula to restore and protect sun damaged hair, to support hair health and prevent further damage. Goldwell DualSenses SunReflects Shampoo, Spray, Shimmer Gel and 60 Second After Sun Treatment feature the revolutionary MicroShield Technology that delivers the help your sun-stressed hair needs, particularly in the harshest, hottest summer months. Maintaining healthy hair while pursuing an active, outdoor lifestyle is more convenient than ever with this line of shampoos, conditioners , sprays and gels from Goldwell DualSenses SunReflects.

Goldwell DualSenses Color For color-treated hair that’s soft, supple, and visibly brilliant, salon pros recommend Goldwell DualSenses Color Formula. These innovative products support color between salon visits, in the form of shampoo, conditioner, mousse, gloss-spray and serum that replenish hair and enhance your its health while maintaining color with each application. The result is fabulously brilliant and glossy hair that lasts and lasts – whether you choose the most conservative styles and shades or even if you like to walk on the wild side.

Goldwell has infused DualSenses Color Formula with Pomegranate Extract that delivers anti-oxidative properties along with UV protection that works overtime to protect your hair from the sun’s assault. Healthy, stylish and luxuriant color hair is what it’s all about – and what these superior hair care products from Goldwell make it convenient to achieve. Essence of watermelon, lychee, raspberry and blackberry provide the top notes of these fine formulas – adding the third dimension – smell – the these products that also please the senses of vision and touch.

Goldwell  DualSenses Color Extra Rich - Goldwell offers the support solution for demanding color-treated hair, with Goldwell DualSenses Color Extra Rich products that help maintain salon style and color between visits. Color Extra Rich shampoo, conditioner, leave-in cream fluid and 60 second treatment refreshes even the most challenging color-treated hair with a brilliance system that incorporates Pomegranate Extract and UV shield factors for healthy, lustrous hair week after week.

Salon pros recommend DualSenses Color Extra Rich to their clients for a reason: these outstanding hair care products offer convenience while maintaining lustrous, brilliant and healthy hair easily and affordably. You’ll love the delicate top note aromas of blackberry, raspberry, lychee and watermelon as well.

Goldwell DualSenses makes maintaining a healthy scalp and brilliant color more convenient than ever, with their line of scalp regulation products for men and women. A deep cleansing shampoo and a shampoo for sensitive scalps let you customize your hair cleansing routine, ensuring the most healthy hair possible (the deep cleansing shampoo utilizes natural lime extract to do so).

DualSenses Anti-dandruff formula nourishes an otherwise challenging scalp, eliminate itching and flaking by virtue of Lime Extract and Zinc Pyrinthione.  The anti-dandruff and deep cleansing formula feature grapefruit and mint top notes, along with violet, rose and a hint of wood, please your sense of smell as it helps you maintain a healthy scalp and a luxurious brilliant head of hair.

Goldwell DualSenses For Men

Goldwell DualSenses products for Men offer the convenience men desire, in a line of hair care products that support healthy vibrant hair with each shampoo. A Hair and Body shampoo invigorates hair and scalp while adding luster and body; DualSenses Thickening Shampoo for men boosts hair profile while cleansing, and DualSenses Power Gel delivers a firm hold while support moisture balance. The Activating Scalp Tonic is a leave-in treatment suitable for daily use, revitalizing and fortifying men’s hair with each application. The key to this innovative hair care system for men is in the protein and panthenol elements that protect and nourish hair, along with guarana and caffeine that stimulate and invigorate hair and scalp.