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Goldwell Outdoor and Sun

Active people know: fun in the surf, sand and snow can take their toll on the hair and skin. The sun’s punishing UV rays and the harsh chlorine and salt waters of the ocean and pool can do serious damage to hair. Introducing Goldwell Outdoor and Sun Formula – and array of superior hair care products that cleanse, care for, protect and revitalize hair exposed to natural and artificial elements that abuse and damage hair. 


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If you spend any amount of time at all outdoors – be it the sun, surf, sand or snow – you’ll hair will benefit from Goldwell Outdoor and Sun formula. The four products in this groundbreaking hair care line cleanse, care, protect and revitalize hair that’s been exposed to the elements. Harsh UV rays, sea salt, and toxic chlorine found in pools and spas are no match for the superior ingredients and formulations found in these pH balanced Goldwell Salon products.

Cleanse your hair with a gentle shampoo featuring glycerin that restores the moisture of hair and skin while it rinses out chlorine, chemical residues and sea salt. Moisturize and nourish your hair with Care Intelligent Hair Balm utilizing glycerin and Panthenol to revitalizes hair that’s been exposed to adventure and fun. Protect your hair before you go out with Goldwell Protect Hair And Scalp Protection – a grease-free, leave-in formula that features UV filters as well as an Active Protection factor that guards hair against damage from chlorine and salt water. Restyle and Refresh hair with Revitalize – a spray in styling tool featuring polymers that nurture your hair while reshaping and restyling, before the outdoor adventures begin. Goldwell Outdoor and Sun Hair Care products feature unsurpassed protection and support of an active, outdoor life style. It’s no wonder that top stylists and salon professionals around the globe recommend these superior hair care products to their clients.