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Goldwell Oxycur Platin

Goldwell Oxycur Platin Lighteners offers a range of products with a creamy consistency that is easy to apply, while delivering fast and effective high lift action for accurate and brilliant, natural looking blonde results.

For the most stunning platinum blonde hair styles ever created, salon professionals the world round depend on Goldwell Oxycur Platin hair color. When it comes to lighteners and lifts of up to 7 shades, Goldwell has it covered. Goldwell Oxycur Platin Highlights features an exclusive Coenzyme Technology that protects hair while it lightens up to 6 levels on virgin or treated hair. This high-performance highlighter is easy to use, ultra reliable, and ammonia free. Goldwell Platin Ultra offers dust-free mixing for high performance lifting that’s also exquisitely safe. Platin Ultra is ammonia free, and features wheat proteins that nourish your hair while it gently lifts, for outstanding results and hair health that will keep your clients coming back. Both formulas offer the most brilliant and luxurious shades of platinum available anywhere, for the classiest, most stylish hair styles ever seen.

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The most stylish shades of platinum available today come from the innovators at Goldwell, in the form of the Goldwell Oxycur Platin line. Salon specialists of all levels of experience will find it easier than ever to lift and highlight (lift up to 7 levels, highlight up to 6 levels) with these dust-free, ammonia free formulas that protect hair during treatment.

Goldwell Oxycur Platin Ultra adds the elegance of platinum shades up to 7 levels, for lightening previously colored hair and for coloring virgin or previously colored hair. Stylists can achieve many creative effects with Oxycur Platin, including prelightening for creating cutting-edge color design with Goldwell Colorance or Elumen, and for highlighting with foil and caps.

Oxycur Platin Highlights adds gorgeous, natural-looking platinum highlights up to 6 shades while protecting hair, thanks to an innovative formula. The creamy, ammonia-free treatment is easy to apply and features Goldwell’s exclusive Coenzyme technology that neutralizes free radicals to shield hair from damage during lightening.

Stylists will benefit from the repeat business that comes with use of Goldwell’s reliable, safe and effective hair coloring products. Their customers will adore the stunning platinum effects that Goldwell makes possible with their Oxycur Platin lightening and lifting products.

Beautiful blonde highlights with optimum

hair protection.

The high performance of a lightener combined with the gentleness of a

highlift color – Oxycur Platin Highlights has it all. Natural-looking light

blonde highlights delivering optimum hair protection

with extremely

reliable results.


Features & Benefits: Optimum hair protection for ultimate condition and shine

• Strong lift of up to 6 levels

Ammonia-free with a pleasant fragrance

Easy-to-use creamy consistency

• Can be used on both virgin and color-treated hair

Ultra reliable results

• The high performance lightening powder with an integrated

Highlift Catalyst System delivers strong lightening results

of up to 6 levels.

• The Highlighting Cream with integrated Coenzyme Technology

neutralizes free radicals and reduces hair damage caused

by oxidation.