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Goldwell Topchic

Goldwell Topchic Hair color system delivers optimum color reliability every step of the way allowing you to be even more creative and successful as a colorist. Topchic Delivers optimum results across the entire color spectrum.

With more than 100 intermixable shades to choose from, Topchic Color from Goldwell allows colorists and stylists total freedom when it comes to satisfying the needs of even the most demanding hair salon clients. Combined with Goldwell’s space-saving Depot System, Goldwell Topchic color sets new standards for ease and accuracy, while delivering the most brilliant and fabulously healthy hair care imaginable.

From natural hair shades, to lifts and highlights, to reds and color control even on the darkest shades, Goldwell Topchic’s superior formula creates results superior to any other hair color brand. Goldwell Max Red offers shades of red as natural or as wild as one desires; Triflective Naturals offers youthful, natural results and seamless grey coverage every time; HiBlondes Control features the 11 Series, with eight shades that can lighten hair up to four levels without prelightening, and the 12 Series that can lighted up to five shades and features four blonde colors; and Neutralights is the effective hair color system from Goldwell Topchic for creating stunning results on darker shades of hair in one single step (base levels 2 to 5), for Caramel to Mocha hair color that’s looks as delicious as it sounds.

Best of all, Goldwell’s innovative Topchic features their patented Coenzyme® Technology that protects hair from damage by neutralizing free radicals, while achieving healthy, fabulous results with every application. There’s never been a safer, more effective, healthier way to eliminate grey, add highlights or create blond hair, or creative gorgeous red shades than with Goldwell Topchic hair color. With more than 100 colors to choose from and Topchic’s industry-changing safety and accuracy, stylists and colorists everywhere can expect total client satisfaction every time.

GOLDWELL’s Topchic color system delivers reliability every step of the way, which allows you to be even more creative and successful in working with color. Over 60,000 successful salons worldwide use the Topchic Color System and do so with good reason:

  • Highlift shades for brilliant blondes.
  • Intensive reds with maximum vibrancy and optimum durability.
  • Natural shades for effective grey coverage even on resistant hair structures.
  • Wide color spectrum with over 100intermixable shades.
  • Unique Depot System for clean, simple and accurate dispensing and color application.


Goldwell Topchic color system delivers optimum color reliability every step of the way allowing you to be even more creative and successful as a colorist. Topchic delivers optimum results across the entire color spectrum with the best possible protection for the hair.

Because perfect color is your ultimate goal.

GOLDWELL Topchic Color System delivers optimum color safety every step of the way for you to be even more creative and successful working with hair color.

  • Highly Impressive Color Results:
  • Natural Shades for 100% grey coverage, even on resistant hair
  • Highlift Shades for a beautiful blonde result in one single step
  • Intensive Red Shades for the highest brilliance and optimum durability
  • Over 100 intermixable shades


Topchic is an integrated part of the complete GOLDWELL Color System in which all shades are perfectly adjusted to each other. The specific accessory range provides professional support for the color service and consultation.

Maximum performance with optimum reliability every step of the way:

  • Natural Shades for 100% grey coverage, even on resistant hair.
  • Fantastic color brilliance and intensity.
  • Long-lasting, even color results.
  • Best possible protection for the hair.
  • Superior technology with the Integrated Protect System.
  • Over 100 intermixable shades.



Highlift shades for beautiful blonde results in one single step

Gentle—no pre-lightening required.

Ideal for contrasting highlights as well as full head tints.

The innovative Highlift Catalyst System provides up to5 levels of lift with integrated toning for the most beautiful and brightest blondes ever.



The most brilliant blondes in one single step For clear, natural-looking blondes with optimum hair protection.

The Highlift 11-Series lifts hair up to 4 levels and offers a broad shade spectrum

The Ultra-Blondes 12-Series contains the Highlift Catalyst System which gives the strongest lift—up to 5 levels—for the lightest, most brilliant blonde results while simultaneously toning in a single step process.


Highlift for Dark Hair to Achieve Beautiful Natural Results Optimum lightening. Natural results. Perfect protection.

For highlifting and toning of natural dark hair with a single service.

Effectively neutralizes underlying pigments for brilliant light browns and blondes without undesired red and orange tinges.

Time saving color service from as little as15 minutes processing time.



Brilliant, durable reds deliver the ultimate in color intensity.

Breathtakingly vibrant results even on dark color bases.

Optimum color stability for long-lasting results.

The powerful RAYMAX-dyestuff combination provides ultra-vibrant and long-lasting color results with amazing brilliance.

Goldwell's patented Coenzyme Technology* protects the inner structure of the hair from oxidative damage by neutralizing potentially harmful free radicals. The Equalizer Polymer balances structural differences of the hair surface and surrounds the hair to create the ideal environment for even penetration of the color from root to end. Topchic´s cream-gel consistency ensures that it is easy to mix, apply, distribute and rinse. It contains Vitamin C and Panthenol, which is known for its caring properties.

Superb powerful lift with integrated toning for the most beautiful brightest blondes in a single process. Optimum protection with no need for pre-lightening for the ultimate in softness and shine.

The powerful dyestuff combination ensures an even greater intensity and durability of red shades.

Topchic Permanent Hair Color. Topchic Lotion and Color are designed to work together to achieve perfect color result. Tophic Lotion ensures that the mixed color has the optimum consistency, accurate pH value and alkalinity.

  • 3 % (10 vol.) darker
  • 6 % (20 vol.) up to 1 level lighter tone-on-tone
  • 9 % (30 vol.) 2 levels lighter (levels 2–10)3–4 levels lighter (highlift color)
  • 12 % (40 vol.) 3–4* levels lighter (levels 2–10)4–5 levels lighter (highlift color)
  • *add Blonding Cream


Mixing Ratio

The ratio of lotion to color is 1:1 for levels 2–10 (i. e. 40 ml lotion+ 40 ml color). For highlift color with the Topchic Highlift series(11-Series, 12-Series, Neutralights), the ratio is 2:1 (i.e. 40 ml lotion+ 20 ml color).


Always measure the lotion first Topchic Color is to be applied on dry hair only Scalp staining can easily be removed with System Color Remover Skin, Always wear suitable gloves, Always perform a patch test and a strand test prior to the color service