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Lakme Teknia Deep Care

LAKME DEEP CARE product line is designed to deeply restructure dry and damaged fibers with a restoring treatment that penetrates to the core of the fibers. Its effectiveness yesides in two elements: the high concentration of ceramides and the Abyssinian oil. Ceramides are internal structural lipids found between the cuticle cells. They ensure their cohesion. Ceramides protect the hair effectively by naturally penetrating between the cuticle cells and evening out the scales to generate a restructuring and straightening effect.
LAKME RESTORING SHAMPOO gently cleanses and nourishes dry hair in-depth. Leaves hair ultra-soft and restores its natural moisture level.
LAKME RESTORING CONDITIONER conditions and moisturizes dry and damaged hair in-depth. Leaves hair extremely soft. Detangles and increases manageability.
LAKME RESTRUCTURING TREATMENT rebuilds and nourishes hair fibers from the inside. Strengthens the hair and leaves it silky and intensely soft. Restores manageability and adds a brilliant shine.
LAKME DEEP CARE DROPS repairs and straightens damaged ends. Creates a protective barrier that prevents hair breakage. Ultra-soft feel and exceptional shine.