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Lakme Teknia Straight

LAKME TEKNIA STRAIGHT product line is enriched with ceramides that have straightening and restructuring properties that make hair softer and give it a spectacular shine.
Meadowfoam also protects the hair from damage by hair dryers and hair straighteners, restores elasticity and prevents loss of moisture from the hair.
The combination of both ingredients visibly improves hair softness and manageability.
- LAKME TEKNIA STRAIGHT SMOOTHING SHAMPOO: Gently cleanses, moisturizes and straightens. Restores smoothness of frizzy hair, voluminous or with rebellious curls. Tames hair and makes it manageable.
- LAKME TEKNIA STRAIGHT PROTECTIVE GEL: Protects, moisturizes and helps to straighten hair during drying. Provides an ultra-soft and shiny finish. Tames hair and leaves it more manageable.
- LAKME TEKNIA STRAIGHT THERMAL PROTECTOR: Provides excellent protection against damage caused by heat from irons.
- LAKME TEKNIA STRAIGHT FORTIFYING TREATMENT: Restructures, moisturizes and straightens hair fibers. Tames hair and leaves it ultra-soft, shiny and manageable. Recommended after chemical straightening treatment.