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Surface Awaken

One company stands out above the others in pioneering cutting-edge salon styles. With an array of products featuring organic, sustainably harvested botanicals and vegan proteins, Surface Hair Care is getting notice in all the leading fashion magazines for changing the way people think about hair care products. Their slogan “Health Hair Art” says it all, and nobody has a healthier, more innovative approach to hair care than Surface.

Like all Surface products, the Surface Awaken line features Ceramide III, the Color Vita complex, and vitamins A, C, and E. What sets this groundbreaking line of hair care products for home and salon use is an array of organically, sustainably harvested botanicals. The list is impressive. For starters, Surface Awaken products includes Babassu, Palm and Coconut Oil; Cayenne Pepper, Mint Oil, and Peppermint Oil to stimulate circulation; minerals for anti-aging and rejuvenation, including Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Iron and Silica; an Awaken Amino Acid Complex to promote protein building; and the Trinity Protein Complex featuring Amaranth, Keravis and Soy.

The Art Of Thicker, Healthier Hair

Awaken Therapeutic Shampoo cleanses deeply, removing chemical buildup from previous hair care safely and effectively. This effect is achieved naturally using an array of responsibly harvested organics that leave your hair healthy and fresh. This state of the art therapeutic shampoo truly awakens your hair by stimulating growth of new hair by reducing DHT. Sealing in color, Awaken Therapeutic Shampoo is ideal for the most frustrating hair problems, including thinning hair, psoriasis, dandruff, and itchy scalp. It is also an anti-aging shampoo, to provide younger looking hair. Comes in 6 and 33.8 ounce bottles.

Serface Awaken Therapeutic Conditioner is the answer to some of the most annoying hair and scalp challenges, including hair that is thinning, and also for psoriasis, dandruff, and itchy scalp. Because it features the healthiest natural ingredients nature can offer, this awakening conditioner is perfect for everyday use. It seals color, revitalizes and has anti-aging properties. In a 6 ounce and a 33.8 size.

Surface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment is an additional product for use with the Awaken Shampoo and Conditioner. All three of these products work together, and include powerful but natural elements to stimulate new hair growth for thinning hair. Included are Zinc, Copper, Silica and Iron, along with proteins. All of this reduces DHT, which is a hormone implicated in hair loss. It comes in a 2 ounce and a 6 ounce size.

All Surface products are sulfate free, for safe and effective cleansing that’s easy on your hair and scalp.

Under Control: Thicker Hair With Surface Awakening Styling Products

Surface Awaken Thickening Protein Styling Spray is the healthier alternative to ordinary hair sprays that leave their chemicals in your hair. No stickiness here—just rejuvenating Organic Amaranth Protein for flexible control that last all day. Plus Saw Palmetto and Lysine, and the famed Color Vita complex, for reduced DHT (meaning less hair loss) and shinier, healthier hair and scalp. It’s fast, provides firm hold, along with a dazzling shine.

Surface Awaken Thickening Mousse delivers tons of healthy ingredients to your hair and scalp to reduce hair loss and promote hair that’s visibly thicker. Surface’s renowned Color Vita Complex and natural proteins like those found in Amaranth and Saw Palmetto nourish hair to the core, while protecting color and adding flexibility and shine. It comes in an 8.8 ounce canister.

Surface Awaken Thickening Cream is a powerful leave in hair cream that adds volume and texture to thinning hair, while nourishing with Amaranth protein, Saw Palmetto Oil, Lysine, and the Color Vita complex. The deep penetrating action of this thickening hair cream delivers instant results but also contributes to long term thickening of the hair by nourishing the hair and scalp. With its firm hold and revitalizing nutrients, this product is one of the finest hair creams for thinning hair available. It comes in a 3 ounce bottle.

Surface Awaken Mist delivers shine while thickening and conditioning hair. This protein-infused hair mist is deal for freshening up during the day. Keep it in your purse or messenger bag, and apply before you go out into the elements, for added protection and conditioning.

Surface styling products feature zero plastics to achieve their hold; instead, they utilize natural sugars and vegan starches to deliver optimal hold for all types of hair.