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Xen Tan

Xen Tan

All of us are aware of the harmful side effects of tanning. Using sunless tanning products was not an option, because the majority of them would leave orange streakes and never looked natural. The creator of Xen Tan, Dera Enochson had a fair skin herself and she was sick of seeing orange. She spent almost two years formulating Xen Tan. Now Xen Tan makes only best-selling, award-winning, highest quality sunless tanning products. What makes Xen Tan so unique? Xen Tan delivers the most realistic results - beautiful tan without orange color. Xen Tan uses innovatibe ingredients and advanced technology to create its products. Xen Tan Products are perfect for both men and women and work for every skin tone. Xen Tan delivers sunny glow with olive undertone that looks realistic and smooth on even the fairest skins.


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