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OPI – the leader of the nail industry, was founded by George W. Schaeffer and Suzi Weiss-Fishman in 1981 in Los - Angeles, USA. Together, they have created a huge company that leads the pyramid of nail care companies and holds over 50% of nail’s care market with sales of $75 million a year.

Just 10 years ago OPI had 4 distributors location, and now distributorship production of this company can be found in 60 countries - OPI is presented in the best and most stylish beauty salons, expensive perfume stores, health clubs and fitness centers all over the world.

The annual awards ceremony ABBIES, OPI has collected all the relevant awards: "Best line of Nail Color", "Best Marketing Company", "Best Advertising for Professionals", etc.

OPI’s strategy - to provide the best technology and latest design, combining high quality and safety of the product with its affordable price, so the professionals all over the world prefer OPI products. Exclusive patents on branded products confirm the inexhaustible creativity of the company.

OPI helps women all over the world to become a well-groomed and beautiful, and the most famous women of the world - actresses, stars, models and fashion fashenistas prefer products by OPI then other brands.