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L'oreal Pro Keratin

L'oreal Pro Keratin

Protect your hair from breakage and damage caused by chemical and environmental aggressors with L'Oréal Professionnel Pro-Keratin Refill. Pro-Keratin Complex consists of amino acids and wheat proteins that mimic the hair’s natural keratin structure. This technology instantly strengthens hair to compensate for the natural loss of keratin and reinforces hair at the surface. This specialized formula also creates a defensive shield around the hair fiber to protect against further damage from external aggressors. Hair will be softer, stronger and more supple!

  • L'oreal Absolute Repair Lipidium
    L'oreal Absolute Repair Lipidium
  • L'oreal Age Supreme
    L'oreal Age Supreme
  • L'oreal Liss Unlimited
    L'oreal Liss Unlimited
  • L'oreal Lumino Contrast
    L'oreal Lumino Contrast
  • L'oreal Volumetry
    L'oreal Volumetry
  • L'oreal Pro Keratin
    L'oreal Pro Keratin
  • L'oreal Intense Repair
    L'oreal Intense Repair
  • L'oreal Vitamino Color
    L'oreal Vitamino Color
  • L'oreal Cristalceutic
    L'oreal Cristalceutic
  • L'oreal Mythic Oil
    L'oreal Mythic Oil
  • L'oreal Fiberceutic
    L'oreal Fiberceutic
  • L'oreal Powerdose
    L'oreal Powerdose
  • L'oreal Force Vector
    L'oreal Force Vector
  • L'oreal Homme For Men
    L'oreal Homme For Men